Ports other than 80/443?

I am really liking Traefik hub so far. It makes it so simple to expose a service, and now with the ability to add a custom cname, it is even better.

My docker stack includes a pair of minecraft servers, which when connected to from the outside are not on 80/443. Is there, or will there be, a method to manually specifying the port that is associated with the external dns entry? If my game server expects a connection on 10000 for instance, is there a method of specying this for "external-dns-name-from-traefik.hub.io" to accept connections on 10000?

Hey @nhjay,

thanks for your interest and the nice feedback :slight_smile:

Minecraft is a fun example. So you can publish what ever other ports you want, that's not a real issue. However, Minecraft especially is UDP based and thus no HTTP. Hub is currently only able to proxy HTTP based connections. So, while you could specify another port, it would not work out.

That being said: Support for other protocols is a known need and we will work on that eventually. I just can't commit a timeline yet.

Sidenote: I also want to publish a Minecraft server trough Hub eventually. And we two are not the only ones :wink:

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Thanks! The protocol limitations make sense. I had a feeling it was going to be limited to http for the time being. I'll wait patiently for additional protocol support. :smiley: