Port 443 - UDP - How to?

I have a service I’m trying to host (VMware Horizon VDI) and part of the requirements is that port 443 has to allow tcp and udp traffic.

I have Traefik running perfectly fine and is managing the connections into a number of devices and containers on my home network. I’m struggling to figure out how to handle this particular service though as my understanding is that I can’t have two entry points on the same port but with different protocols.

Any ideas?

Traefik does not support TCP and UDP on the same port? I haven’t tried.

But there should be a workaround: with Docker you have to declare TCP and UDP separately, so you should be able to use the same port externally, but a different port internally with Traefik.


version: '3'

    image: your-image-name
      - "443:443"
      - "443:444/udp"

Note that UDP does not have http style routing, so you can probably just use one service on the UDP port.

Thanks however my service in question isn’t a docker container :confused:

Your post has a Docker tag, so I assumed you would run Traefik in Docker.

ah okay i understand now - I do run Traefik as a docker container but the service I'm trying to reach is not a docker container however I misunderstood your original post.

If I do change the internal port to 444/udp - I still don't know how I forward that to the service in question?

Setup a UDP router and a UDP service, Traefik documentation is your friend (1, 2).