POC for mocking microservices

Two things I want to do. Not sure I am over kill using Traefik.

Would like to know which Traefik product to conditionally route http to my mock service.

Conditions based on url host, path, cookie. I am trying to be transparent to the EKS eco system, meaning I don't want all the teams to configure proxy. I believe Traefik middleware might do? If conditions match redirect to mock. Otherwise business as usual.

I also intend to mirror all httprequest for logging/analysis.

Thank you for advice

Traefik uses routers to match incoming requests and then uses services to forward to. You can use hostname, path and headers for rule (among others), so decide by those parameters which service to use.

Mirroring is also possible.

thank you for the suggestion. Is it much harder to implement the rules in EKS Gateway Service. If I don't have a good reason, Infra team probably won't approve randomly install things in the Cluster.