Overriding global redirect to https


Having configured traefik (v1.7.18) with a default/global redirect to HTTPS in its config file, attempting to disable this redirect on specific ingress objects with the annotation ingress.kubernetes.io/ssl-redirect: "false" does not have the desired effect.


        address = ":80"
        compress = true
        entryPoint = "https"
        permanent = true
        address = ":443"
        compress = true

Should it be possible to override the global redirect through this annotation, or is this expected behavior? If this is expected, is there another way to override the redirect?

Hello @ncgee,

If you have configured an entrypoint redirect in the static configuration, it is not possible to override it via providers. This is expected behavior.

You would have to update your ingresses to include ingress.kubernetes.io/ssl-redirect: "true", and disable the entrypoint redirect to accomplish what you want.