OriginStatus Explanation

Dear all,

My understanding is that "origin" sends an incoming request. I cannot understand where this http status code "OriginStatus" found in the logs comes from and what does it mean. Can someone ELI5 please?



Hello @atmosx,

From our documentation:

The HTTP status code returned by the origin server. If the request was handled by this Traefik instance (e.g. with a redirect), then this value will be absent.

In our logs, the origin server is the upstream, or "backend" server.

Thanks for the reply, I mixed the "downstream" / "upstream" meaning in the docs. It's clear now, thanks!

Pardon my stupidity, but in the docs, I don't see any of these terms (origin / upstream / backend) defined: Traefik Concepts Documentation - Traefik

Can anyone enlighten me? Like OP, it still sounds to me like the origin is the one making the request.