Open other ports more than HTTP & HTTPS


I have get up Traefik as a Ingress in Kubernetes with this configuration:

And works well to HTTP and HTTPS but I dont now how can open others ports to forward, for example, a Pod with a Ingress with MySQL in port 3306

Thanks for every answer!

Traefik 1.7 works on level 7 only, unfortunately, so MySql is not an option. You will need to use Traefik v2 if you want to proxy TCP connections.

Okey, i can upgrade to new version 2.
Have any guide to proxy TCP connections in that version?

I'm sure there are some guides somewhere on the internet, but since traefik is highly customisation and each use case is very different, what I'd suggest, is going to the documentation site here and reading it from start to finish. Yes, it will take some time, but without it you might not be aware of basic concepts and have troubles because of this.

Configuring TCP Routers in particular is described on this page.

Note, that there is nothing wrong with following someone's guide, as long as it does what you want, I just do not have one.