Online Meetup: May 25th, Build a Lightweight Private Cloud with Harvester, K3s, and Traefik Proxy

The era of cloud native computing hasn’t eliminated virtualization; the truth is that VMs and containers will coexist in most enterprise infrastructures indefinitely.

Join us on May 25th, at 8 am PT / 5 pm CET for an online meetup in collaboration with Suse to learn how to build a lightweight private cloud with Harvester, K3s, and Traefik.

Andrés Valero, Technical Marketing Manager at SUSE, will teach you:

  • What Harvester is and how Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions work
  • Harvester's underlying technologies, main use cases, and benefits
  • How to deploy K3s in Harvester using Rancher along with Traefik Proxy