One external IP, 2 subdomains, 2 different local IPs

Hello! I have 1 external IP and have configured my router so my docker node with traefik listens to ALL incoming traffic. Also I have 2 different subdomains, for example: and, and 2 different local IPs for these hosts: and My question is: how do I configure reverse proxy which will route these 2 subdomains to their local IPs. All I've found after hours of googling is only redirects and regex redirects. For example I have kubernetes node with same idea and its ingress controller allows to proxy on different local IPs.
Thanks in advance!

With docker and with swarm the docker provider discovers the ip's of the containers so there is no need to specify an ip.

Or are you proxying to other hosts on the network? In that case you would have ti configure a different provider.

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