Next release date?

Hi everybody,

There are a few fixes not yet released that I would love to have (mostly, The file says minor releases happens every other month but the last one (1.7) was... quite a long time ago (Sep 2018).

Do we have any information about the next release date? (I think the MR 4963 would be included in a patch release, given its nature?)

I guess most of the work is on Traefik v2 now... (which looks awesome by the way!)

Thank you.


Thanks, the v2.0 will be huge :tada:

For now, we don't plan to create a v1.8.

We will release a v1.7.13 soon.

FYI: The latest release was v1.7.12 (2019-05-29)

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Great news, I'm gonna watch the repo :slight_smile:

(Yeah, I was speaking of minor releases, I'm currently running the latest patch version)

Thank you!