Need Help with redirection to Webserver with SNI on local network

So I've been tinkering with Traefik the last 2 days to get this to work.
I have 2 servers in my network:

At first I had a Raspberry PI 3 with Nginx as a reverse proxy in front of the 2 servers, because they have to be reachable from the outside world.

Now I wanted to try out Traefik and I installed it on Server 2, it should redirect the request of the domain ( to server 1, so that I dont need the Raspberry PI anymore. Unfortunately it looks like Traefik has no option to set the ssl name for redirection to Server 1.

With nginx you can set:
proxy_ssl_name $host;
proxy_ssl_server_name 'on';

Is this not implemented in Traefik? If not, does anyone now how to get around this problem?
I am looking forward to your answers an I hope anyone can help me here :slight_smile:

Not really understanding here, pardon my ignorance.

Are you looking to have Traefik server answer all HTTP/HTTPS? If so, are you now looking for Traefik to answer and have it forward to your IIS server?

If yes, then I have a work-around (there may be a better way).

To answer your question, "Is this not implemented in Traefik?" I don't think so. So I spawn a dummy container whose only job is to funnel traffic from Traefik.

# docker-compose.yml
    image: alpine/socat
    command: ["tcp-listen:80,fork,reuseaddr", "tcp:"]
      - traefik
      replicas: 1
        condition: any
        - "traefik.enable=true"
        - "traefik.http.routers.iisproxy.entrypoints=http"
        - "traefik.http.routers.iisproxy.rule=Host(``)"
        - ""
        - ""

Example, my NAS at home runs all sorts of applications on different ports, I can never remember them. So I set up one of these services PER application (just tunnel to the right ip and port) and done.