Multiple https or TCP router to support different domains

Hi, I am looking to configure multiple domain websites running on different VMs with their own certificates. I have configured one TCP router as for one website I want a passthrough because VM web server supports it. for another website that is on a different domain, I wanted a tls termination through an Http router so the call to VM web server goes as plain http instead of https. I am hitting multiple issues please can someone help me set this up. in TCP router for setting the riles only HostSNI(*) works if I put "HostSNI(xyz.domain)" and it doesn't work may be unable to read the SNI? * means for all domains it gets executed where I wanted this TCP router to execute only for one domain and not for both.
Important to note for both websites the https request is coming through ISP router on port 443 hence I wanted Traefik to do magic for both websites.

Thank you in advance

Hello, it seems to me that I have a problem similar to yours. Having had no satisfactory response to my posts (here and here), I made a request for a feature on github (issues here) which was unfortunately automatically rejected by Træfiker (bot).

So I'm interested in the answers you might have here.


I seem to have found the solution for my problem as per below as we can configure tls as well as http router for same request

Thigs that doesn't work is that wildcard entry in HostSNI as I have to enter individual domains there, plus not sure if we can set the priority in tcp router.