Multiple different providers: docker + http

Can anyone tell me if traefik supports multiple different providers? I currently have a docker provider working however I need to add an http provider on the same entry point :443. would go to a docker container and would go to an http router load balancer service.

I don't know if this is possible, documentation seems ambiguous on this topic.


yes, you can use multiple providers at the same time.

The entrypoints are in the static configuration (ie. not related to a specific provider), so you can use them for routers from different providers.

I have figured out the static only backend solution. Is it possible to have a static router backend and other dynamic (docker) backends with a single frontend?

I don't really understand what you are saying.

"static router backend" is really confusing because the routers are always a part of the dynamic configuration (the dynamic configuration comes from Docker, files, etc.). And a router is not a backend: a router references a service, and a service references a server (backend).

I guess your question is: can I have multiple services (backends) from different providers referenced by only one router?
The answer is: it's not something I recommend because it's better to scale containers but yes you can.
You have to use Weighted Round Robin service. The router will reference the WRR service and the WRR service will reference the other services.
To reference an element from one provider to another you have to use provider namespaces.

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