Multiple certificates in toml doesn't seem to work

Hi! I am encountering an issue similar to this: the github issue under /containous/traefik/issues/4689. I would include the full link, but I get an error saying I can't link to github from this forum.

My setup is very similar to the issue described above, however I am not getting an error of "Error reading TOML config file /traefik.toml : Near line 19 (last key parsed 'entryPoints.https.tls.certificates.certFile'): Key 'entryPoints.https.tls.certificates.certFile' has already been defined." as in the issue listed above.

Instead, I simply get this notification when traefik starts up:

{"level":"info","msg":"No tls.defaultCertificate given for https: using the first item in tls.certificates as a fallback.","time":"2019-11-22T18:22:51Z"}

The first instance of [[entryPoints.https.tls.certificates]] I provide always works, but when I provide a try to use a domain associated with the secondary cert, it always loads the first cert.

I am using traefik 1.7.18 and the official traefik v1 Helm chart to deploy to Kubernetes

Hi @rorth, could you share your configuration (traefik.toml, traefik deployment) and the full debug log of traefik please?