Migration from traefik v1 to traefik v2

Hello everyone, I'm new to traefik and trying to migrate from v1 to v2. I would really be very grateful if someone would take the time to help me. I think I migrated most of the static and dynamic configuration, but I am having troubles with migrating [acme] configuration.
traefik.toml v1:

  email = "email@domain.com"
  storage = "/etc/traefik/acme.json"
  entryPoint = "https"
  acmeLogging = true
    main = "sub1.domain.com"
    sans = ["www.sub1.domain.com"]
    main = "sub2.domain.com"
    sans = ["www.sub2.domain.com"]
    main = "subN.domain.com"
    sans = ["www.subN.domain.com"]
    entryPoint = "http"

I've been reading the documentation for 1 week, but I really just can't figure out some things in version 2.
Can anyone give me an example of this configuration how should look like in version 2?
I have more questions, but this one bothers me the most. I would really be happy if someone helped me. Thanks in advance.

Hey @limitless

This is the v2 equivalent of your static:

      email: email@domain.com
      storage: /etc/traefik/acme.json
        entrypoint: web

As for the domains definition, in v2 it was moved to the dynamic configuration so it can live in the router definition under its tls section. I don't know what provider you're using but here is an example with the File provider just for reference:

## Dynamic configuration
      rule: "Host(`example.com`) && Path(`/blog`)"
        certResolver: myresolver
          - main: "example.org"
              - "*.example.org"

Source: Traefik Let's Encrypt Documentation - Traefik