Migrating from Traefik v1 to v2 - Basic question

Hi everyone,

first of all, I'm certain this isn't a hard question to answer, but I searched around and couldn't find an explanation how to use the traefik-migration-tool.
I'm pretty new to Traefik, installed v1 on my Docker Instance (working perfectly) just to see that v2 was released a few weeks later... and when I recreate my container, I just see that all my websites won't work anymore.
So I searched through the migration-doc and found the migration tool on Github, downloaded and extracted it, but what am I supposed to do now? The instruction says

  • To get the binary just download the latest release for your OS/Arch from the releases page
  • Unzip the archive.
  • Add traefik-migration-tool in your PATH .

Where do I add traefik-migration-tool to which PATH? Is this something I have to do in my docker-compose-file? I'm aware that I might be just too stupid, but I didn't found anything in the docs explaining how to use this tool.

Thanks guys, have a great day :nerd_face:


The migration tool allows to:

  • :sailboat: Migrate 'Ingress' to Traefik 'IngressRoute' resources.
  • :lock: Migrate acme.json file from Traefik v1 to Traefik v2.
  • 🖹 Migrate the static configuration contained in the file traefik.toml to a Traefik v2 file.


The migration tool don't help to migrate: labels, CLI flags and some elements from the v1 static configuration.