Methods GET, PUT, PATCH, etc

I need to route methods like PUT, PATCH, GET and POST in two different URLs, but I didn't find the best entry for my entry pod. I tried the follow annotations, but it doesn't worked.
My yaml:

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
  annotations: traefik
    traefik.frontend.rule: PathPrefixStrip;Method:PUT,PATCH,POST http,https /
  name: services-ingress-xx-api-mock
  namespace: develop-v1-0
  - host: xx
      - backend:
          serviceName: xx-api-mock
          servicePort: http
        path: xx/xxx
  - secretName: mysecret

Is there im missing, missconfiguration, any clue, etc?

Can figure out how to route based on methods.

Thanks you all !


I'm seeing the same problem. Would love to know the solution!

To be more specific, I see in the documentation a reference to "Method" but no examples on how to use it in an annotation as the OP was attempting to do. I could not find any working examples of using Method.

I even went through the source code and see mention of Method in the file but no examples on how or where to use it.

Does this Matcher not work?