Maesh Release v1.1.0

Hi everyone,

after shipping two Release Candidates, we are pleased to announce the General Availablity of Maesh v1.1.0.

This release was mainly focused on improving the user experience and thus, comes with a lot of enhancements.

What's new?

:running_woman: Massive performance and scalability improvements
:mantelpiece_clock: Expanded metrics and tracing support
:sailboat: Migrated chart from Helm 2 to Helm 3
:tada: Updated Traefik to v2.1
:open_book: Add versioned documentation for clarity
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Separate Maesh namespace no longer required
:heavy_plus_sign: And many more

Useful links

:memo: Release notes
:bookmark_tabs: Website
:books: Documentation
:desktop_computer: Github Project
:handshake: Maesh Community Section