Letsencrypt does not provide a certificate

I am hosting a site for a friend with a different domain name than mine.
The domain is: https://www.garagedecheseaux.ch/

I forgot to save the acme.json file once the certificate was validated and I restored acme.json which did not have the key for this domain.

Now, for this domain, I have a CN=TRAEFIK DEFAULT CERT. How do I get my certificate?

I see that my old one has expired: crt.sh | 5425180323

Thank you very much

Sorry, I resolve now my problem :sweat_smile:

but I would still like some information. Is there a command with traefik to test certificates and force renewal? Or if I understand correctly, I have to delete the entries in acme.json and restart traefik?

Thanks for your information.

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I am also interested in knowing how to force renew certs

Check Traefik Let's Encrypt configuration examples on how to setup the LE certificate process within Traefik.

# traefik.yml or command line params

    address: ":80"
    address: ":443"

      email: your-email@example.com
      storage: acme.json
        # used during the challenge
        entryPoint: web

  level: DEBUG

accessLog: {}

Additionally you need to create the router referencing myresolver, either in dynamic.yml or via labels when using service discovery.

If it does not renew, enable and check Traefik logs and set them to debug, check Traefik access logs. Make sure the validation works. In general you get a new certificate, so you don't need an old one.