Let's Encrypt refreshs well its certificates ... but too much


Traefik version 2.5.2

Error creating new order :: too many certificates (5) already issued for this exact set of domains in the last 168 hours

Why it has been ok on last sunday and now, at traefik startup, Traefik tries to get a new certificat from let's encrypt despite the current certificat has been get last week so it is quite a fresh one , isn't it ?

So the refresh hit the max request number possible to get a new one ; it is a fail and the HTTPS is broken.

.... how to stop this refresh at startup ? or how to manage this event ?

Tnx fort your help by advance,

Probably your certificates are not being stored in a persistent manner, so when your traefik is starting it has to get the certificates anew.

Personally I recommend a docker volume for the storage instead of a bind mount as they use in the documentation.

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Probably true.

There is a file in my fs : /acme.d/acme.json
it has been fil last week and like this time it is broken I have empty it : is it a bad idea ?

I think I have to wait on monday in 8 days to retry to start Traefik to not make any try to request a new certificat and postpone the possibility to make a resquest....

It is quite a pity to not get a step by step guide to manage this because the on line doc is not easy to follow when english is not your own language.

Tnx Cakiwi : your idea is probably the good one and I am going to learn more about this.

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