kubernetesCRD namespace filtering

Hi there!

I have a traefik deployment running as load balancer (not as ingress controller) in a kubernetes environment.
The load balancer is the main point of entry as it gets the traefik (pun intended) from AWS NLB. Then it loads balance requests to services in other namespaces depending on the rule matchers. This way, only one team maintains the configuration.

It works great! I have the IngressRoute CDRs configured in the load balancer's namespace and I'm able to send traffic to another server in another namespace.
The hiccup is that, there are more traefik deployments in other namespaces (which they only get internal traffic) and also more IngressRoute CRDs. The other deployments only watch their own namespace with --providers.kubernetescrd.namespaces and work fine.
The main load balancer does not have --providers.kubernetescrd.namespaces setup because it won't work with sending traffic to other namespaces. As a result, it also picks up CRDs from other namespaces.

I would like to know if there was a way to say: watch services in other namespaces, but only pickup CRDs for your namespace.

I'm also using the helm chart: https://github.com/containous/traefik-helm-chart/ so perhaps there is some things I don't know about in RBAC.

Thank you very much for the awesome software!

Updating this as I solved this using --providers.kubernetescrd.labelselector. It's not ideal but I can work around it using opa gatekeeper to make sure that the label is only present in the load balancer's namespace