Kubernetes cluster 1.21.6 with helm chart Traefik 2.5.4

Hi, I have setup my local Kubernetes cluster v1.21.6

I using helm install traefik from helm chart with CHART-traefik-10.6.2, APP-2.5.4
I scale up Traefik to 3 for replicate to all nodes
I have deployed the test app, but when I use
kubectl get ing
The ADDRESS not resolved my nodes IP,
What is missing make traefik not reoslve?

Hello @rheang

Thanks for trying Traefik.

I would recommend seeing one of our workshops when we describe in detail how to use Traefik Helm Chart on Kubernetes.

here is the link:

@jakubhajek, Thank you
I found the root cause now I mixup Ingress-Traefik and Ingress-Nginx,
I thought both will work by using different annotations.

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