K8s Ingress SNI Howto?

Has anyone been able to get SNI working with K8s and regular Ingress. I have not been able to get SNI/TLS passthrough working.

Traefik yaml : https://github.com/clemenko/k8s_yaml/blob/master/traefik_ingress_controller.yml
Application yaml : https://github.com/clemenko/k8s_yaml/blob/master/stackrox_traefik.yml

I have it working with ingressroutes but haven't tried it with traditional ingresses. It looks like you're trying to use it with pass through. If that's the case, I don't think it's supposed to work. I believe SNI uses TLS which doesn't apply to pass through.

Also, it looks like HostSNI is for tcp routers so I would make sure you're using the correct router rules.