K8s 1.22 on Traefik < 2.5?

I'm working on a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) system that's currently using k8s api 1.21 but is going to soon be upgraded to 1.22. However, the version of Traefik version configured on the cluster is 1.7.34, and hence using a deprecated API, specifically /apis/extenstions/v1beta1/ingresses.

If I am reading your v2 migration docs correctly, we need to upgrade to v2.5 at minimum to use the non-deprecated API. Is this correct?

What I can't figure out is what would be the fallout of not upgrading. If we ran v1.7.34 against k8s 1.22, and the deprecated /v1beta1/ingresses was removed, is that on the critical path? In other words, is it likely to hose our entire system or is this a non-critical path API?


Hi @hughesadam87,
Thanks for your interest in Traefik!

That is correct!

We don't recommend using other versions than the latest v2.9.x.
v1.7.34 is out of support!

Thanks @svx and I do understand that. We are in the process of migrating, but we're trying to assess the fallout. Any idea which k8s API endpoints v 1.7.34 is using related to /apis/extenstions/v1beta1/ingresses? Seems like this would be for the ingress controller and probably a critical path?

Hi @hughesadam87,

No idea :neutral_face:. v1.7.34 is a really old version, and there were lots of changes and improvements in Traefik and Kubernetes.