K3s Traefik 1.7 Ignoring Frontends/Backends

I just stood up a new K3s and am using the pre-packaged Traefik 1.7 for an ingress controller. I've modified my traefik configmap with the following (some being redacted):

logLevel = "debug"

defaultEntryPoints = ["http","https"]

    address = ":80"
    compress = true
    address = ":443"
    compress = true
    address = ":9100"

  backend = "backend1"
      rule = "Host:ha.example.com"

      url = "http://ha.local:8123"

http://ha.local:8123 loads fine within my LAN.

When I reload Traefik within K3s, it never seems to load the frontends/backends. Going to https://ha.example.com in the browser is yielding a 404 and in the debug logs, there 0 mention of anything pertaining to my frontend/backend.

Is there something I'm missing in my config TOML? Or is there perhaps something different with the K3s-supplied Traefik that makes it incompatible with TOML-based frontends/backends?