Is there a way to use Prometheus/Alertmanager to check for IngressRoute HTTP Status?

I'm looking into configuring Prometheus(blackbox-exporter)/Alertmanager to auto-discover all my IngressRoutes (100s of them) and alert me to Teams channel (or whatever other receiver) if URL doesn't return HTTP status 200/301 for 2 minutes.

I looked around and didn't really find anything about Prometheus/Alertmanager being able to do this natively. Do anyone know if there's a tooling that makes Prometheus/Alertmanager aware of Traefik CRDs?

Not sure about k8s, but Traefik itself has an API, which is used by the internal dashboard.

I used it in a hacky shell script to get all domains:

    curl --silent --max-time 5 http://user:pass@traefik:8080/api/http/routers | \
    pcregrep -o '(?<=Host\(`).*?(?=`\))' | sort | uniq \

Source: How to continuously create/renew certificates without hitting limits? - #23 by bluepuma77 - Help - Let's Encrypt Community Support