Is it possible to add Let's Encrypt preferredChain support in v1.7

This is a feature request to port back the preferredChain support to v1.7.
I see v1.7 has the lego upgrade to v4.3.1 so the backend support is there.

With the Let's Encrypt DST Root CA X3 Expiration (September 2021) , there will be need for some sites to choose the default chain or the short chain, as described in OpenSSL Client Compatibility Changes for Let’s Encrypt Certificates

Hello @liejuntao001

I highly recommend upgrading to Traefik V2, we do not add new features to V1. Let me know if you have questions related to migration.

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Dear Traefik team,

Having the same issue, however, Many thanks for the fix that allows to set preferredChain for 1.7.33 and for v2.5.4

Can you please add helm charts for 1.7.33 and 2.5.4 to the helm traefik/traefik repo please.

Helm for 2.5.4 is probably imminent so sorry to ask for 1.7.33 also but I'm bound to a safe migration path from 1.7 to 2.5 for production deployments and would very much appreciate this.

Many thanks!

Hello @Dan1

Glad to hear that the fix was helpful. However, we don't have the Helm Chart for 1.7. only for 2.x
The Traefik 1.7 can be deployed using Kubernetes Manifests.

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Hello all,

To be more precise we have a Helm Chart from Traefik v1.7 in the official Helm chart repository.

Unfortunately, this repository is no longer supported but we opened a pull request to bump the Traefik version to v1.7.33 and to expose the preferredChain option. As stated in the readme we have to wait for a chart owners to merge our changes.

Thanks again for your interest in Traefik!

@kevinpollet Thank you Kevin

I'm really glad to hear that, that will go a long way :+1: :crossed_fingers:

@czuk Traefik serving Let's Encrypt Legacy Chain instead of Let's Encrypt Modern Chain