Is it just me that thinks v2 is overly complex

Im trying tonget my head around traefik v2 but jst get a headache. v1 was easy to understand, in fact after a few minutes of tinkering i understood most of it. With v2 it feels overly complicated. For example docker labels seem to go from one per container to three lines or more, for no good reason.

I know its free but there must be a lot of people thinking like me who are staying at 1.7 because 2.0 simply gives no benefit and also making configurations unreadable.

Its just a shame, as traefik v1 is a perfect example of a product that ”just works”.

Good morning,

we hear our communities feedback and therefore, as mentioned here, we will address that for the 2.2 version. :slight_smile:

That is great to hear!

Some suggestions:
Predefined and User definable configuration macros
Implicit ”true” on certain directives (for example defining tls cert also enables tls)

I hope to be able to contribute something more substantial, but first I have to understand v2 better...