Is supposed to work using Traefik 2?

Hi. I wanted to filter using IP, and I tried to use the annotation using Traefik2 on K3S but it doesn't seem to have any effect.
However namespacename-middlewarename@kubernetescrd works.

I just need to have the corresponding ip filtering middleware:

kind: Middleware
  namespace: namespacename
  name: middlewarename

I can deal with the middleware but I'm wondering whether the first generic annotation is supposed to work, because I would rather use it. It's more generic and would work on many kubernetes installations.

Just wanted to post here saying that I'm doing a similar journey trying to get whitelisting to work with the default k3s deployment using traefik

Hello @fungiboletus @icsy7867

In order to correctly use middleware with Kubernetes Ingress the following annotation has to be added: auth@file,default-prefix@kubernetescrd

The list of available annotation is available here: Kubernetes Ingress - Traefik

While assigning middleware please be aware of the naming convention that depends on the provider namespace.

Technically speaking the general rule is following:


For Kubernetes the naming convention is following:



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Thanks @jakubhajek

I manage to use the traefik middlewares correctly, but I would rather avoid them because they are specific to traefik compared to the annotation that works on many ingress.