Is gateway API production ready?

We're evaluating switching our edge controllers from NGINX to Traefik (for a variety of reasons). As part of that switch we have been considering starting with Gateway API rather than using the traditional ingresses to avoid a conversion later.

The gateway API seems to have a lot of components still marked experimental that we'd need - for example, we'd like to terminate TLS at traefik using a public cert and then use https from traefik to the backend referencing an internal cert which requires the BackendTLSPolicy. Certainly possible I'm missing something; I've found it difficult to navigate the documentation.

Is Gateway API the right thing for us to be considering for our production services or is it still too experimental?

I'm not sure what all information would be helpful to answer this question, but we are on k8s 1.27.7 (upgrading to 1.28 in a week or so). We stamp out the same set of services to around 300 different k8s clusters. The services mostly handle low latency REST API traffic but we are exploring some binary/streaming APIs to ingest things like video and audio.