Ingress ignoring entrypoint annotations?

My ingress objects seem to ignore any entrypoint annotations and defaults to 80 and 443 (just 80 if tls is not specified). This didn't used to be the case and I can't seem to deduce why it's happening. I have two instances of traefik deployed in my cluster and I'm seeing this behavior from both of them. Below are the specs of one of traefik deployments (the other is essentially identical) and a sample ingress object that fails to conform to its given annotation (should be available at 26257 but is instead open at 80).

Traefik deployment:

Name:                     traefik-internal
Namespace:                traefik
Annotations:     traefik-internal
Selector:       ,
Type:                     LoadBalancer
IP Family Policy:         SingleStack
IP Families:              IPv4
LoadBalancer Ingress:
Port:                     cockroachdb  26257/TCP
TargetPort:               cockroachdb/TCP
NodePort:                 cockroachdb  31453/TCP
Port:                     web  80/TCP
TargetPort:               web/TCP
NodePort:                 web  32380/TCP
Port:                     websecure  443/TCP
TargetPort:               websecure/TCP
NodePort:                 websecure  31333/TCP
Session Affinity:         None
External Traffic Policy:  Cluster
  Type    Reason        Age                   From             Message
  ----    ------        ----                  ----             -------
  Normal  nodeAssigned  89s (x617 over 2d1h)  metallb-speaker  announcing from node "k3s" with protocol "layer2"

Sample ingress:

NAME   CLASS              HOSTS                   ADDRESS   PORTS   AGE
test   traefik-internal             80      10m
Name:             test
Labels:           <none>
Namespace:        jot
Ingress Class:    traefik-internal
Default backend:  <default>
  Host                   Path  Backends
  ----                   ----  --------  
                         /   notes-backend:4000 (
Annotations:    cockroachdb
Events:                  <none>