Increase the timeout


I'm completely new to traefik and it was installed using a script I use called "dockserver". The version of traefik is v2.0.

When I access Sonarr through Traefik it's almost impossible for Sonarr to load and I get this error after about 90 seconds (It's a large database):
"Failed to load series from API"

Sonarr tell me the only time they see this is when it's going through a reverse proxy. I've also confirmed it by going to and it loads fine.

I basically need to increase timeout to about 3 minutes, is it possible?


Hey @TheCableGuy96,
Thanks for your interest in Traefik.

There are several possibilities to configure the configuration between Traefik and your service.
I'd suggest you to have a look at the Transport Configuration documentation.

Feel free to ask if you need more informations.

Hi Moutoum,

Thanks for this. I've gone back to DockServer who suggest these options need to be added in the docker compose but I've no experience with this. Would you have any experience with this or should I be contacting the docker forums next?


never mind, thanks for the help.

Hi @TheCableGuy96,

Did you manage to make it work? If yes, could you set my answer as solution to your issue?


Unfortunately not, I spent a whole day and night on this and couldn't get it to work. I suspect it's the way it's integrated into the DockServer script but I gave up on this way in the end.

Instead I created a new install, ported the database and mediacovers for Sonarr over and it seemed to load faster. It still does time out now and again but it's a lot better so I also deleted about 1200 series that didn't have any episodes and wasn't able to be grabbed and thus making the database a bit smaller as well.