Incorrectly serving default traefik certificate

I have a k3s cluster with 2 ingress pointing to two different services, one on '/' and one on '/prometheus'. When I go to each url, each distinct service is correctly served up.

However when I look at the tls server certificate used, it is serving the default traefik certificate despite the fact that a tls certificate was specified in the ingress. Why is this happening?

Hey @terabyte

Would you please share your configuration as a code snippet? Thank you,

I noticed the certificates I was using were for the wrong cn. I created new certificates where the host matched the cn, suddenly started working. looks like Traefik won’t serve with wrong certs and defaults to Traefik defaults…

That's correct, Traefik will present the default cert if none of the valid will be found.

Glad to hear that you solve the issue.