Huge number of redirects are being logged and I can't figure out why

Hey guys,

On my Kubernetes Ingress using Traefik 1.7.18 I've noticed that it seems like an almost equal amount of 307s for 200s are being logged as in the picture below. Interestingly I think these numbers are massively inflated as I restarted the stats recently and we shouldn’t have had that many requests. This makes me wonder if it's something like the readiness probes that are being run by k8s, though I assumed that they wouldn't even go through the ingress controller. Alternatively, is it possible that it's spam of some kind?

Either way, I'm really not sure why this would be happening. Has anyone experienced something similar or got any ideas?

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Okay, think I found the root cause. Looks like something was going funny with cert-manager when it was trying to create a staging certificate. It was generating loads of requests which I think were being redirected (perhaps from http to https).

All fixed now, have normal stats again!

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