Https influxDB connection with self signed certifacates? How To?

I try to get my influxdb metrics setup working.

  • we are running traefik inside docker swarm
  • we are using an external influxDB which is living outside our docker swarm where traefik is running.
  • we are using self signed cerficates.
  • I have only .pem files at hand

I think I configured the influxdb setup correctly, because in the log I can see this:

traefik_traefik.1.vdrbzv4ug4fq@myhost    | time="2020-02-27T15:39:24Z" level=info msg="[during WriteTo err Post https://myinfluxdbhost:8086/write?consistency=&db=mydb&precision=ns&rp=: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority]" metricsProviderName=influxdb

I have not configured any certificates in my traefik setup yet, however I mounted our certificate folder inside the traefik container.

any help on this issue is greatly apreciated


sorry I have to ping this, but this is relay bothering me.