How would I enable traefik with config file looking for an ssl in a docker container?


I am almost done setting up an email server using this pretty good guide. My issue is that a couple of the components use conf files (rspamd, dovecot, opensmtpd, httpd (which I think I need to replace), and some others) that look for a path to the ssl key and I am unsure of how to connect them to traefik? Has anyone run into this sort of issue and solved it?

To further elaborate, I am stuck at a stage in my project. For my mail server setup, I need an SSL key and then to base DNS records off of that. There seems to be a couple ways of doing that. I am leaning toward having an SSL cert for my website, and a seperate one for my mail server since the DNS records require a smaller RSA size. I also can not for the life of me, figure out how to dump the traefik generate ssl cert (but since it is 4096 size, I do not think it matters.). So I either need to get traefik to play nice with some conf files that want an ssl key or figure out how to side step traefik and generate an ssl key otherwise. The guide linked above mentions using the OpenBSD httpd server to allow the acme challenge. In its place, I see this for using flask to allow the acme challenge to be completed. But then I run into whether or not this will mess up traefik which is listening on that port and I would assume is taking control of the acme-challenge. I seem to be running in circles at this point :confused:
Can anyone provide some guidance?

Actually, will post another question as I see acme.json format changed between v1 and v2!