How to use tempating with K3s?

Hi there, I studied this valuable resource on the topic of templating & Traefik ->

I can use some help because I can't figure out how to use/parse the templates in combination with my yaml files. I tried for yaml example the below, but this error returned when applying with kubectl:

error: error parsing test.yaml: error converting YAML to JSON: yaml: line 11: found character that cannot start any token

kind: IngressRouteUDP
  name: ingressrouteudpfoo
  - fooudp
  - services:
	{{range $i, $e := until 100 }}
	- kind: Service
	  name: {{ $e }}
	  port: {{ $e }}

Traefik can parse Go templates in Traefik dynamic configuration files. Your example appears to be putting Go template syntax in Kubernetes configuration files, which are not parsed by Traefik.

Wow, thanks for the quick clarification! I will study the docs to see if I can use the dynamic configuration for my k3s setup.