How to use an environment variable for the basicauth.users label in the docker compose file?


Instead of following line in my docker compose:

      - "traefik.http.middlewares.traefik_auth.basicauth.users=jan:$$apr1$$wg3z7sQp$$BXXXXXXXXXXXXXX7up/"

I tried to specify it using an environment variable as follows:

1/ in my .env I have specified the following:


2/ and the above line in my docker compose file have been changed into:

- "traefik.http.middlewares.whoami_auth.basicauth.users=${BASIC_AUTH_USER_PASSWORD}"

... but this is not working.

How can I fix this ? Sharing a working example would help also.

Note that I am sure that my .env is properly processed when uploading the docker compose as it contains an environment variable that is properly used by my node-red docker container.

I got it fixed.

The problem is that in the .env file you don't need to double the $ in the hashed password as is needed when directly putting the hashed password in the docker compose file.

So updating the .env as follows fixed it:


TIP: you can also validate the actual hashed password used by traefik in your traefik dashboard (assuming you have enabled the dashboard).

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wow thank you!!! I've been bashing my head against this for a bit... just removed the $$ and it works..