How to turn nginx settings into traefik

Hi everyone! i am a newcomer of traefik. I used to use nginx as a reverse proxy solution.
Recently i want to migrate to traefik. Here's is my question.
This is my Nginx settings

location /central-test-fz1/ {

i hope all the path behind /central-test-fz1/ can be pass to except central-test-fz1
How can i turn this settings into traefik middleware?? or even routers?

If you want to target different sites, you need multiple routers/services.

You could use a router with rule=Host(``) && Path(`/central-test-fz1/`) for the fixed path and rule=Host(``) && PathPrefix(`/central-test-fz1/`) for deeper paths.

Just set a higher priority (larger number, like 1000) for the first router, so it gets matched before the second.

i mean if i access localhost/central-test-fz1/api/v1/docs , i hope service behind the traefik access

it seems not working!!! can u give me detail about it!!!!

Can you give examples of source and target URL, maybe two each?