How to test if an IngressRoute is working from within the cluster?

I have kubernetes cluster on some raspberry pis. I have used Traefik in a enterprise setting and I am pretty comfortable with it mostly because since it has a static IP. I don't have that luxury at home.

So, I was planning to tunnel into my home network and then load balance via traefik to my applications. I am facing some issues doing that and I can't figure out if the issue is at the tunnel side or on the traefik side. So, I needed to test if some of the ingressroutes I created was working from within the cluster first so that I can find the root cause of this issue. Here is a sample IngressRoute

kind: IngressRoute
  name: stuff
  namespace: stuff
  - websecure
  - kind: Rule
    match: Host(``)
    priority: 10
    - kind: Service
      name: stuff
      port: 80

I am not sure how I should check if this works or not. I tried doing multiple curls from a pod in the traefik NS (same NS as traefik pods) but none of them worked. Some of the ones I tried include curl -H "" -k -L https://traefik

Any idea where I should start from?

So, after trying for a couple of days, I see that curling to curl -H "" -k https://traefik.traefik works. But if I ommit the -k it gives a self signed certificate error. I have tested in a few ways and it seems like the above curl is returning the self signed certificate generated by Traefik instead of the certificate present in my tls.secretName. Any ideas why this is happening?