How to setup Taefik with sftpGO to have access to the outside

Hello I would need to have Sftp access on one of my nginx or apache containers to be able to access /var/www or something like that.

I access the WebUI correctly but once I try to connect with Filezilla it doesn't work at all...

Sftpgo logs tell me nothing special about connecting to container....

Here is my docker-compose :


And my configuration traefik.yml


Thanks very much, have a good day :slight_smile:


Is there anything you can find in the log files when you try to connect on port 2222?

Thank you for your answer, No there is nothing telling me that I am connecting to port 2222 in the logs...

There are just post and get requests since I am on the sftpgo dashboard at the same time

Hello, does anyone have a solution please? :persevere: