How to set replicas count in production environment

I have observed that during the installation of k3s, Traefik Ingress is deployed with a single replica. I am inquiring about the suitability of running only one replica in a production environment. If this is not recommended, should I consider running Traefik as a DaemonSet instead?

In reference to the information provided in this article (HA traefik ingress - k3s, k3OS, and k3d - Rancher Labs ), it is mentioned that Kubernetes continues to route traffic to pods on nodes that may no longer be operational for up to 30 seconds.

I am seeking guidance on the best practices for configuring Traefik in a production environment. Anyone can help?

Check the Quick Start with k8s (Link)? It has a setting where you can set the replica count.

Thanks for your reply. I aleady read this, and I know how to set replica count. I am not sure about if a single replica is ok for production environment.

If there is any document of best practices about Traefik configuration in production environment?