How to reject requests from Traefik for failure/false usage

Hi All,

We are using traefik as ingress controller in our cloud service deployed on Kubernetes
We noticed lot of scenario which are either false usage or continuous failure

For ex, Wrong API call from some consumers or Calls over wrong Hosts or invalid query parameters etc

This results in high failure rate and unnecessary resource consumption at service level to detect the failure and process it

We would like to reject requests based on

  1. Bad IP
  2. Client for which last 1000's of requests failed
  3. Invalid API
  4. Invalid query parameters

What is the defined pattern or features we can use to achieve this in traefik

It does not sounds like something traefk could help with.

Bad IP

In most cases requests with bad IP will not even reach traefik

Client for which last 1000's of requests failed

Traefik has no concept of client identity, this is usually application level concept enforced via cookie or token identification. As such traefilk has no way of telling if it's the same client or not. There is a generic rate limit support, but it does not sound like it fits.

Invalid API

Again, this is something that traefik has not visibility of - should be handled on application level

Invalid query parameters

Same as above.

To me it sounds like you will have to look elsewhere.