How to Manually Rotate TLS Certificates

I have a AKS Cluster Running with Traefik Proxy as Ingress. We did expose the Apps/services Outside using Traefik. We did enable TLS. We defined TLS Certificates in Secrets and Added this Secret to Ingressroute. But Now My Certificate is Expiring. How Can I renew the Certs ?

What I have Tried.
We use Venafi to manage Certificates. I have Cert with Key Values. I deleted the Old Secret and Created new secret with cert and key (Kubectl create secret my-secret -tls --key=key --cert=cert -n namespace). I did update the Ingressrout to use the New secret (spec.route.tls.secretName=my-secret), But When I hit the Host(defined in Ingressoute) it show old certificate Exipry Date. I did Verify using Openssl command to get the secret Expiry Date (it show new Cert Expiry Date). THat were the confusion starts. FYI I did restart traefik and my deployment as Well. But Still No Effect on the Certificate. ANy Advise Will be Helpful.

Hi @aaleti, thanks for your interest in Traefik!

As soon as you update the dynamic configuration, like updating a secret, Traefik should pick up the change.
Are you sure that you don't have the old certificate still configured in another ingress?

If for some reason the old certificate is still in the store, Traefik will pick it, even if it is configured for another ingress.