How to enable traefik response header fowarding

Hi, I would like to know details about the Traefic response header handling behavior, and how to change it.
I have been searching a lot about this topic, but only found the request header fowarding options, and how to add headers, but I would like to simply enable Traefik to send back the response header it received from the backend. All headers, or just a specified one. Currently, what I see is that Traefik is cutting all response headers. My backend returns the header properly, when accessed without Traefik.

I think it will be an easy thing to do.
Could you please point me towards some documentation?

Hi, :wave:
I've just tried to replicate that issue on my test environment with Traefik 2.4.2 and Nexus that is running behind the router.

I sent two requests; the first was sent through Treafik and the second directly to the container using Kubernetes service. I compared the response HTTP headers and they are the same.

Would you please provide more details on how we can replicate that behavior?

Thank you

Sorry, it was my fault, the backend did not return the property. I just realized it now when I tried to collect more information for our discussion. So I think the reason I could not find info about the response header handling behavior of Traefik, and how to change it, because it just forwards every header from the backend, and there is no way, and no need to change that behavior. Thank you for your time.

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Hey @regedoil
Thank you for explaining that and providing that information. :slight_smile: