How to enable proxy to get real client Ip

i would like to get the real Ip of the client, i know that i need to enable proxy, i have succesfully done that for nginxi but i don't know how to do that for traefik,
please help

what i have tried is the following

  1. Add this annonation to the LB service "true"

  2. i have enabled proxy v2 in the linode dashboard

  3. i have added the following annonations to my ingress "true" https web, websecure
    use-proxy-protocol: "true"

I don't know about k8s, but I think when using with Docker you have to add trustedIPs or insecure for ProxyProtocol.

Can you please guide me to where to add that section, should it be in the root section of the load balancer yaml file

Personally I have never used Traefik with k8s and I have never stumbled over any docs about it - never searched for it, though :grin:

okey got it
thank you dear,