How to disable SSL configuration when working localy

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I've a docker-compose setup for Traefik v2. It's running fine on my server, got HTTP to HTTPS, HSTS & so on. I'ld like to work on this locally, but the SSL is in the way.

My first though was, how can I disable all the SSL stuff at once so it's working as usual, without the whole redirection stuff ? Maybe a docker-compose.localhost.yml override ?

I also saw an example of someone using mkcert to deal with this, providing a valid localhost certificate instead of disabling SSL. Interesting, but I don't feel like shipping my setup to production with this loophole that could be dangerous. Any opinion on the matter ?

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The Traefik and Kubernetes Workshop prepared by Jakub.

I went down the 2nd possibility : relying on mkcert to have locahost valid certificates.

So I have a tls.yml conf

        certFile: /etc/certs/localhost.crt.pem
        keyFile: /etc/certs/localhost.key.pem
      minVersion: "VersionTLS12"
      sniStrict: false # set to true for production

The only annoying point in the setup is that I'll have to enable / disable sniStrict depending on the situation. Still thinking about how to do this cleanly.

The certs are generated with

#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -euo pipefail

if [ ! -f contrib/certs/localhost.key.pem ]; then
  ./mkcert \
    -cert-file contrib/certs/localhost.crt.pem \
    -key-file contrib/certs/localhost.key.pem \
    localhost \
    app.localhost \
    traefik.localhost \ \
  chmod 0600 contrib/certs/*.pem

And mounted via docker-compose.yml

    image: traefik:v2.4
      - ./contrib/certs:/etc/certs

I know it doesn't match the question title, but this is the solution to my real interrogation, how to work with traefik locally when you have TLS configured

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