How to deploy REACT web-application with Go lang back end in traefik

Hey, I'm new to traefik on in my company we are trying to use traefik. We have a front end web application with react.js and wich is currently being served with nginx and the back end has multiple micro-services with golang. we want to use traefik as an api gateway, how ever I have problems how to configure and deploy out react app to communicate with the backend. Should it be dockerized like our micro-services and how the static file would be server? what are the configurations?
Thanks for your attention

What is the particular problem you are facing?

What do you mean?

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Well I was introduced to Traefik a week ago, and although I have coded some sample proof of concepts, I have never integrated a back-end and front-end application with it before and couldn't find any useful tutorial. So I was hoping to get some guide and deployment steps.

Sorry, miss-spelled! I meant our current client application is built locally and deployed on a VM with an instance of nginx to server it. With traefik should we deploy the application in a docker container? if yes how can we expose it to the world? should we use nginx in separate container for this or something else?