How to create a fallback reverse proxy on Kubernetes?


I would like to know how to create a fallback reverse proxy with Traefik on Kubernetes.

I am actually migrating from a old monolithic application to a micro-services architecture, step by step. The idea is to create micro-services one by one and fallback to the old monolithic when the service (the path) doesn't exists.
More explicitly:

  • /service-a/** -> api.service-a.svc.cluster.local
  • /service-b/** -> api.service-b.svc.cluster.local
  • /** ->

So when we will do /service-c it will reverse proxy the request to

I know how to achieve the both first but not the reverse proxy, I searched on the documentation but I don't figured out how to achieve that in Kubernetes.

I don't want a redirection, I need a transparent proxy like what we can do with Nginx.