How to configure Traefik 1.7 for wildcard subdomains?

Hi folks, I am new to Traefik and use it to route my OpenShift URLs.

My question is, how to configure Traefik, so that I do not need to add subdomains in my configs anymore, if a new application was deployed.

Here is my config:


level = "DEBUG"


  address = ":6443"

  address = ":443"

  directory = "/etc/traefik/conf.d"
  watch = true


  entryPoints = ["api"] #entry points are shared among the clusters
  rule = "HostSNI(\`\`)"
  service = "service-exp-ocp4-api"
  passthrough = true

  entryPoints = ["https"]
  rule = "HostSNI(\`\`,\`\`,\`\`,\`\`,\`\`,\`\`,\`\`,\`\`)"
  service = "service-exp-ocp4-https"
  passthrough = true

  address = "#LOADBALANCER_IP#:6443"
  address = "#LOADBALANCER_IP#:443"

My goal is to reduce the 'rule' statement in [tcp.routers.exp-ocp4-https] just to

rule = "HostSNI(\`*\`)"

but it seems a little bit tricky.

Is this possible with Traefik 1.x ?
How the config would looks like in Traefik 2.x ?

Many thanks so far.