How do you get a docker service to route to a custom path

I've been looking endlessly and I can't seem to find any updated posts or documentation on how to do this properly.
I simply have a service running in docker which is running on port 34400, and I want to do a reverse
proxy to a path that I define in Traefik 2.6.3 using docker labels in docker-compose.
I've seen multiple ways that seem to be able to do this, but a lot are looking at Traefik v1.

There are some caveats with the docker service, the service seems to run two endpoints:

  • First endpoint is just the base path, which in this case is
  • Second endpoint is running

So my question is, how can I route the docker service to something like <mydomainname>/<mynewservicename>?

Because the root path is sitting at / how do get this:

  • First https://<mydomainname>/<mynewservicename>
  • Second https://<mydomainname>/<mynewservicename>/web

I've used a mixture of middlewares, but I can't seem to get them working:

  • stripprefix (to strip /web)
  • addprefix (to add /mynewservicename)
  • replacepathregex (to move from /web to /mynewservicename)

I've also tried doing something like this:
- "traefik.http.routers.mynewservicename.rule=Host(`mydomain`)"
- "traefik.http.routers.mynewservicename.rule=Host(`mydomain`) && Path(`mynewservicename`)"
- "traefik.http.routers.mynewservicename.rule=Host(`mydomain`) && PrefixPath(`mynewservicename`)"
- "traefik.http.routers.mynewservicename.rule=Host(`mydomain`) && PrefixPath(`web`)"

Clearly I'm missing something here, the documentation is very short, so I'd appreciate some help here.